"Songs that are....hauntingly beautiful in their solemnity, and are nothing short of rhapsodic to the listener... almost left-of-center enough to qualify as outsider art... captivating if not harrowing to listen to."- the big takeover
"...vast and timeless creations meant to fire your imagination on every level. Each time I play through [it] a flood of images charges at me and try as I might I cannot process them all.. a few slip through and are never the same ones." - santa sangre magazine
"liable to cause hallucinations and a general euphoria" - abort mag
"Magnetic Ghost haunts the senses with droning, expansive, and looming compositions that veer from quiet contemplation to incendiary intensity in a matter of seconds." - DOA
"hypnotic... droning and shimmering" - thejoyofviolentmovement